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John-Michael Breen, this time as Cousin Kevin, is quickly becoming a favorite. Here again, Breen creates a clear, striking character. [...] Breen, along with the three other Local Lad characters, deliver show highlights; the dance, the vocals, the attitude.
— Jeanné McCartin, Seacoast Online (The Who's TOMMY)
John-Michael Breen distinguishes himself as Clopin the Gypsy King. Breen creates a charismatic Clopin, and wows with a clear, beautiful voice.
— Jeanné McCartin, Seacoast Online (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Breen’s comedic timing was spot on throughout the production. Even in the midst of changing costumes (many times) on stage [...] his character never dropped. [...] Breen was strong in portraying Benjamin’s ever-changing feelings about his dramatic affair with the seductive Mrs. Robinson, and he aptly showed the complexity and confusion of his characters’ emotional and mental state[...].
— Angelica Potter, OnStage Blog (The Graduate)
John-Michael Breen delivered a beautifully truthful portrayal of Helena; whose love interest Demetrius is promised to Hermia. Encompassing a range of emotions, Breen’s Helena is relatable to anyone who has known love. As she is running across the stage in her high heels chasing love, we’re there rooting her on. [...] With material that can easily be misconstrued or turned satirical, this well-connected nine person cast delved down to the core of the story and their characters, to present with heartfelt honesty a play about chance, the intensity of love and humanity.
— Angelica Potter, OnStage Blog (A Midsummer Night's Dream)
Nine actors comprise the ensemble; it’s a testament both to the director’s ability and the talents of the company that it seems like there are far more. All of the actors pull double — or triple-duty, manifesting characters with an abundance of expressions and mannerisms with which to set each apart, utilizing the barest minimum of costume changes to bring each player to the fore.
— Michael Curtiss, Caught In The Act (A Midsummer Night's Dream)